Advanced platform for client searching!

Feedot is an advanced platform of client searching which was developed for legal sphere companies. We will find the clients that you need!
  • High CPM
  • Stable payments
  • CTR promo 1.5%+

What do we offer

  • Fast approve - we start working on the day of your request
    You can start earning money straight away, because our systems let us evaluate your traffic fast so we can start working on the day of your request.
  • Stable payments twice a week
    Get your money straight away without any delay and awaiting.
  • Highly conversive interactive and safe vidgets
    Wide choice of mobile phones' adapted widgets that have flexible system of setup and will be easily complied with your design.
  • Easy-to-use personal account
    Detailed statistics of your leads and payments, constructors of sites and widgets, interactive instructions.
  • Experienced support and help
    Our support specialists will answer your questions related to any topics - either its widgets' setup or your incomes increase recomendations.

Legal offer

  • We buy textual and phone calls leads
  • You don't need to filter the leads
  • Direct phone calls to lawyers
  • We buy leads from more than 60 regions
  • We pay up to 300₽ per lead
  • Your income will be up to 7 times bigger than with the PPC ads

Our widgets

We offer you wide choice of highly conversive elements. And flexible setups will let you easily comply them with the design of your site.

Chat room, survey windows, back calls, static and dynamic phone numbers and lots of other things!

About us

We are working on the market for more than 5 years! COVID-19 has not become the reason of payments delay for our partners.
Completely transparent partnership!Official partnership with natural, legal or self-employed persons. Official payments and no hidden arrangements.
We are working with the biggest players on the market of legal leads generation.

Our partners' success stories
  • Topic of the site "Criminal law"
  • Income before - 2 700₽ per month
  • Income after - 33 375₽ per month