High quality requests for legal services!

  • Requests 24/7
  • Any field of law
  • High conversion to clients increase

What do we offer

  • Stability
    We provide you with the stable amount of leads by fix price
  • Accounting
    You will have your own manager who can quickly resolve any problem.
  • Flexibility
    Personal approach to your business demands
  • Anti-fraud
    We have effective algorithms which are filtering defective, fraud and spam leads
  • Integrations
    We provide you with the possibility of getting leads by e-mail, your personal account and API for integration into any CRM

Legal offer

  • We buy textual and phone calls leads
  • You can choose any field of law
  • Direct phone calls to lawyers
  • Binding to a specific region
  • Price starts from 30₽ per lead

About us

We are working on the market for more than 5 years! Stable work even during the lockdown.
Official partnership with natural, legal or self-employed persons.
Over 100 companies have chosen us as a partner for mutual business development